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Oh, the Oscars! Who really gives a damn?

Here we are in the middle of two wars and the most exciting election season in living memory and we are all supposed to stop what we’re doing in order to sing the praises to this year’s most sucessful thespians. Thank God the writer’s strike is over at least, but I stopped watching the Oscars quite a few years ago. Let me think through the ripples of time: Oh, yes! Now I remember! It was when What’s-Her-Name defeated Judy Davis for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in My Cousin Vinny. Also, every time I watched, it was just a lousy show.

Then I’m supposed to sit around and feel sorry for myself, just because I didn’t get invited to some stupid pre- or post- Oscar party. Listen here, Hollywood, I went through all that kind of mental torture already when I lived in Washington, D.C. and every 4 years we had to deal with the Presidential Inauguration. I’m impervious to those kinds of feelings of rejection.

I wonder what party that footstool for the Developers Tom Labonge will be attending? I’m sure it will be quite snazzy. Anyway, if you want good coverage of the Oscars, Reuters has a nice page up. Me? I’m just waiting for the next celebrity rehab episode to come on the air. I’m more surprised by who isn’t on the show, than who is. Well, I’ve always loved to loath Brigitte Neilsen.

From Oscars past:


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