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It just gets scarier

This woman reminds me of Dan Quayle in drag; or even Mrs Quayle, that thin lipped nutcase from Indiana. Mrs. Palin is showing the world her stance on “family values,” using her daughter’s uterus and her own. When the doctor’s told her she was going to have a retarded baby, she must of shouted “Hooray! Because I’ll never have to really take care of it.” What delicious PR. But then her daughter comes along and hits the mother load, so to speak. She’s five months pregnant by her high school sweetheart. All parents involved are forcing them to marry. Can you imagine being forced to marry your sweetheart from back in the rah rah days? Feel free to shiver in your bones.

This selection for running mate is a distressing example of poor judgement on McCain’s part. Did you know that he had only met this women once before he called her and offered her the job? I wonder if he asked, “Are any of your teenage children pregnant?”

Mr. Rove has been giving the McCain camp some pointers. When I saw him on one of those wonk shows, he defended her by saying, “Unlike both of the Democrat candidates, Mrs. Palin has done executive work!” Excuse me, but the Republican candidate has never served in an executive position either. And if they are taking advice from Mr. Rove, it just shows what a craven, cynical group these crazy Rightwingers really are. Isn’t he the man who carefully guided the incumbent’s approval rating into single digits. They don’t get much smarmier than this man; he leaves a trail of slime wherever he goes, and the Rightwingers just lap it up.

My heart goes out to these two children who are being forced to marry and have a baby. That’s right! Children. Being used as pawns by their parents. It’s disgusting. My best-case scenario is that one of these kids runs away before being forced to make such a mistake. But no. They will fall in line and do what their parents’ tell them. How long do you think this marriage will last? We’ve got a divorce pool here at Videoblast. I’m guessing that as soon as that naughty girl squeezes out her baby and the campaign is over, the two will split. I could be wrong. High school sweethearts stay together till death do you part, all the time. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

Read and see Slate’s coverage of Sarah (Nutcase) Palin at the RNC:


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