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Go! Eric! Go!

From PoliticoGoGo

Apparently one document too many came across the desk of Eric Holder, the new Attorney General who seems to have taken his oath to help protect and defend the rights of his fellow Ameicans seriously. Are you paying attention, Alberto Gonzales? He was the guy who was Attorney General during the second Administration of the Second Bush. The Gonzales approach was to do whatever was necessary to justify the actions of the President, even at the expense of the Constitution- a hell of a guy, this Alberto. According to the Washington Post, “fresh disclosures have continued to emerge about detainee mistreatment, including a secret CIA watchdog report, recently reviewed by Holder, highlighting several episodes that could be likened to torture.”

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, dammit! Let Obama concentrate on Healthcare. Amen, brother! It will be a major fix of the economy and it will probably bring millions of people above the poverty line. On top of that, it might actually improve the quality of life for some of those millions. But I saw you kick sand in Nancy Pelosi’s eyes when you came out here to the Best Coast and told her where to put her truth and reconciliation. Mr. Obama, I voted for you. I still support you, but why did you supress the release of those abuse photo’s? Seriously now, the argument that the images would further inflame hatred against America is just lame.

From PoliticoGoGo

There is no way that humanity could hate America any less than it already does. Why? No matter what we do, the millions of people our policies have actively hurt, are never going to become Facebook friends with us!

From PoliticoGoGo

Unless we go after some of these guys, at least a few of them, then the next Republican administration will rub its grubby rich hands together and sing, “Bwah! Ha! HA! HA! HAAAAAAA!” And start torturing and detaining people without trial, all over again. The next time around, they will redefine the parameters of torture to encompass an even broader range of behaviors (parameters that will immediately be ignored) and they will redefine when these “enhanced techniques” to quote Cheney at his innumerable, post-Vice Presidential public speaking and interview engagements. Oh, Dick. Me thinks the torturer doth protest too much. Hopefully Eric Holder will gird his loins for battle tomorrow and start interviewing prosecuters to take on this job. Once this investigation begins, the House will have a stick to bully the President with – “If you want your health care (which everyone really wants anyway) then let us appoint a special prosecutor, or at least issue a supeana or two!”


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