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Where are they now? Sinéad O’Connor

Thank you to the bloggers at Crooks and Liars for saving this bizarre clip from the Larry King show. A four-way interview goes kooky when Sinead, who speaks Irish, not English, asked for the definition of “post-pubescent.” Despite the matronly appearance – dowdy dress, thick classes and horrible hair (better to be bald!) she still looks quite beautiful to me. Years ago at an appearance on Saturday Night Live, Sinead took a picture of Pope John Paul II and ripped it in half after singing a very lovely song. Oh, the controversy that ensued! She was reviled and cursed. There was some charity gig (Was it Farm Aid?) where thousands booed her off the stage and Kris Kristoferson comforted her in her distress. After all, she was little more than a tiny chick herself at the time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well, well, well. It turns out our little skinhead Sinead was right all along. As it turns out, Ms. O’Connor was sent off to convent school for wayward girls. Want to see what it was like? There’s a clip about a place that was just like it that you can see at the end of this post. The clip hardly shows the entirety of the hateful cruelty, sexual sadism and base greed that these Irish Catholic girls were exploited for. Yet still the new Pope, who they say is looking a bit down in the mouth these days, just sits in his chair, chatting with Mr. Saint Peter and ignoring the world, the Catholic world as it exists. While his many detractors accuse him of complicity in covering up the crimes of these molesting priests when he was a bishop, his few supporters are using the pulpit and the media to assert his innocence in these matters.

Lie and Deny

If Cardinal Mahoney is any example to go by, then things don’t look good for Cardinal Ratzinger, as the new Pope was once called. I live in Los Angeles, and it’s a proven fact that Mohney participated in the cover up of these crimes under the sanctimonious guise of “priest-penitent confession.” Is that legal? I don’t know. Each state interprets this issue differently. I don’t know if Federal supports this. Certainly lawyer-client privilege was tossed out the door by Bush 2. Why should priests be given this protection, if lawyers and their clients can’t use it?

This Donohue character who is Commander-in-Chief of the Catholic League shows he has as much knowledge about pedophilia as the 82-year-old Benedict XVI. He really comes across as a stupid, bigoted and hateful person. Just the kind of guy that the poor ol’ Pope needs to speak on his behalf.

It’s a grievous sin these priests and nuns have committed over the years against poor helpless children. The children grew up and society has changed. Now it’s time to pay the piper. And Larry King, how could you give that horrible Donohue character the last word, in the very face of a victim of priestly abuse, insinuating the way he did that the victims were willing partners? Revolting! Shame on you, Larry! I hope you had a good Pesach. (A choleryeh ahf dir!)

As a final note, reruns of that episode of SNL were sanitized by replacing the controversial footage replaced by footage from an earlier rehersal that day. Back when Pope John Paul II was sitting on the Papal throne, he was an unassailable figure. He stood up against the Commies! I’d say he did more to bring down the Soviet Union that Uncle Ronnie, but that’s an arguement for another day.



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  1. Bill Donohue is a total creep. He wants to blame the victims of abuse rather than holding the adults accountable for their crimes. It’s grotesque that he thinks the church has done such a wonderful job of handling pedophilia! He doesn’t understand that most pedophiliacs consider themselves heterosexuals. This isn’t about sex, it’s rape, plain and simple. And then, the cover-up of the crime, the vilifying of the victims, the protection of the pedophiliacs, and then moving them to new congregations to provide more victims! Donohue should be ashamed of himself. He’s a monster!

    • I know. If you go to the Catholic Leagues web site, they have a picture of him on top and he looks just as disagreeable and heinous as he appeared on Larry King. What a monsterous creep!

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