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Ah, the beauty! Parks and Nature

I take back half of the bad things that I said about Tom LaBonge. Check out his drive to save important development/park property near the Hollywood sign. This is from CD4’s tweet page:

Watch R.J. Robinson’s terrific video about the effort to Save Cahuenga Peak:

I captured this little fellow at the Health Sciences Campus (HSC) after visiting my doctor. When I thought he’d flown out of the frame, he was actually sitting perfectly still on the edge of the white concrete planter. Many of the hummingbirds on the HSC of Trojanland are quite familiar with humans – more fools them! There are many hawks living in the palmtrees as well. Capturing a picture of one of them up close is quite a challenge. One day after an afternoon visit, I may rest on my back and try to catch a hawk in flight. Then one of you can tell me what kind it is. I imagine there is little of a rodent or snake population on the campus.


Trees and sky

This was taken at the 29 Palms Inn. They have a natural oasis. It’s a little pricey but you get a big bang for your buck, especially during the summer when it’s offseason. I recommend it highly.

Green heron in the L.A. River

Beautiful green heron

Head straight over to the Los Angeles River and see your tax dollars and contributions to nature groups at work to make life better for all Angelinos, even the ones that fly in the air, or swim and eat in the waters.

I’ve got adorable footage of this fella to boot:


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  2. Boy do I miss that walk! Good luck!

  3. I love this – especially the heron swimming in the river. Thanks for sharing so much cuteness & cheering me up!


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