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People Like to Stop and Stare

So hungry are tourists and locals for some proof of A+ quality celebrity sightings, that they want to know more about Look at the ridiculous state of my tee shirt: so here we are.

© Russell Smith, 2011

There might be some hope. I got rejected from the peer-reviewed art show run by Rex Bruce via his gallery downtown, LACDA- Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. DAH? LACK DAH!


The Power of Images

Shall I begin with some gossip?

I saw Andy D. on my own lowbrow street about a month ago in the company of a petite young man with a pretty face. Andy and I locked eyes, and he was so, “Where do I know you from?” He’s a funny man, but deeply troubled. He’s always getting into trouble. I believe he wants to be clean and sober, but the temptations of Hollywood hold him back. If I’ve heard the story once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Good luck, my friend. Or should I say, “Break a leg?” How do I know he was up to no good? Well, the city erected permanent road blocks along my street which is parallel with Hollywood Blvd. Does that answer your question? If you are from L.A. then that should clear everything up.

Russell gets rejected. Tries again.

Well, Beers & Lambert rejected my six submissions, but the images were shabby and poorly edited. Simple things were amiss like cropping. It’s embarrassing when I think about it now. But hey! We learn from our mistakes. I’ll never enter a contest so late. By the time they’ve reached the deadline, they’ve decided which pieces they want, and which pieces they don’t want.
But all is not lost, gentle readers! I just submitted 6 new pieces to a show right here in Los Angeles. To be exact, I submitted six pieces to LACDA; that is, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. I am crossing my fingers. No! Don’t wish me luck! That is bad luck. If all else fails, just tell me to “break a leg.” I entered their snap to grid show which is not a competition, but rather a fund raiser. I haven’t even picked up my suitable for framing copy of the jpeg that I sent down the pike. C’mon Russell! Here’s the image, for your aesthetic appreciation. All Rights Reserved!


Tom LaBonge- another hit?

I would like to endorse Stephen Box over Tom LaBonge in the upcoming city election. Mr. Box has shown a sincere commitment to “greening” Los Angeles. He is a bicycle activist which is not always a good thing, but he’s thinking about the future. Most politicians just think about lining their pockets. Go to Mr. Box’s web page and compare it to Lefty Labonge’s. You should notice that there is a lack of hucksteria on Mr. Box’s pages, while Mr. LaBonge wants to scare everybody into space suits and freeze themselves for a good one hundred years, give or take. I wonder if he includes his daughter in his diabolical scheme? Bwah ha ha ha ha! I’m sick of Tom LaBonge. He’s so in the pocket of the developers that it isn’t even worth discussing at this point, and how much of the tax payers’ money is going into putting out those semi-talented calendars that he sends out to his poor constituents every year. Why not use that money to set up a scholarship fund? That would be a nice gesture, dontcha think?

A man with a stylist!

The before and after pictures of Stephen Box are courtesy of City Hall Insider.

Stop the Presses!

Zsa Zsa Gabor Breaks Hip

As we remember her

Even as I type, Zsa Zsa Gabor may be undergoing hip replacement surgery, according to her daughter, Constance Francesca Hilton. The 93-year-old actress broke her right hip Saturday after she fell out of bed while reaching for a ringing telephone at her Bel-Air home, said John Blanchette, Gabor’s publicist.

My question is, where was her lousy husband, the so-called Prince of Anhalt – a meaningless title? Why wasn’t he bedside? Was/IS there a home healthcare worker there to help Zsa Zsa with the tasks of daily living? When she was in a coma after her car accident in 1993, her husband sold pictures of her in this sad state to the German rag, Das Spiegel. The ones who bought the bogus Hitler diaries back in the long forgotten Eighties. Her husband, Freddy, found her supine on the floor and called an ambulance. I’m sure after he had a cigar and some cognac.

“My mother is not in critical condition or at death’s door,” said daughter Constance Francesca Hilton in a statement. She was on the phone in the hospital today while having lunch.” Zsa Zsa loves to chatter, doesn’t she? I wish she’d give me a call. I’d make an excellent personal assistant and treat her with the devotion that is her due.

Some may remember Gabor as a regular on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as well as numerous game shows throughout the Sixties and Seventies. The last time I ever saw her on television was in the very early Nineties, just before her car accident, when she appeared on shock jock Howard Stern’s show. He tried all these secret camera tricks with Stuttering John and a midget in the Green Room. She was the very portrait of courtesy to them both, doing her best to take their direction before going on the air. I think even Howard was impressed. I know Stuttering John and the midget appreciated not being cussed out. When she got on the show, Stern tried to gross her out by displaying various sex toys to her. She knows how to handle men.

“Oh, Howvuhd!” She gushed in her heavy Hungarian accent. “You are zee most talented man on television! That’s the only reason I appeared on your show!” She then denounced Jay Leno (hooray) for calling her a Nazi. She referred to him as “that horrible man with that jaw!” She was right too. Jay Leno sucks.

Please click on the tiny link below. It will open up an hilarious YouTube video of Zsa Zsa making an appearance on What’s my line? Please watch it. It is SEVEN MINUTES LONG. My screen saver came on while I was watching it. LOL. It gives you younger folk a good look at what entertainment was like back in the day. People had to be quick on their feet. Nothing was scripted. Please, please watch it. Even if it IS so terribly, terribly long. Just check out Zsa Zsa’s hair.

Michael Jackson, One Year Later, Still Dead

Jackson in 1997

Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, lorazepam and midazolam. If you read his bio in Wikipedia, you’d think some men in black strapped him down and “administered” the drugs to him against his will. Wrong! He actually injected himself with the propofol, and popped those other two in pill form the way some of us eat M&M’s. I took a couple of videos of the memorial at his star on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. What a hoot!


On a more basic level, I can’t help but posit the question, “How can anyone, besides immediate family, grieve over the death of this man?” He was a monster. Just because he was cleared of charges of molestation, that still doesn’t take into account that he had to pay hush money to his first accuser. One can’t help but wonder how many other accusers there were in his closet? How much of his fortune was devoted to keeping the wolves at bay? Let’s pause for another brief video.

Let’s leave this sad story on a brighter note. Remember the time he appeared in court in his pajamas’ with his nose falling off? That picture has been splayed all over the Internet until it’s yesterday’s news ten times over. Here’s another one where you can see the spots where he glued the fake nose on. Much creepier than the other one because you can see how dead he is inside by looking at his eyes.

Happy Anniversary! The world was never meant for one as creepy as you!

You must thank the LAPD

Porn star plunges to death

AP Photo/Axel Koester

The video in this post is a bit tart. I wouldn’t recommend showing it to anybody who is either suicidal, or has a problem with seeing a man plunge to his death. Granted, the man in question was an utterly unsavory character. While his real name was Stephen Clancy Hill, he went by the stage name Steve Driver. He allegedly slashed one co-worker to death and injured 2 others. According to the L.A. Times, the man was going to be fired from his job. Besides being paid to have sex in front of cameras, he also earned money packaging his own and others’ videos at the pornography company’s production facility in Van Nuys. (To those readers who are unfamiliar with the San Fernando Valley, its number 1 export is pornography.) Apparently Mr. Hill was also facing eviction. I’m not saying that I feel sorry for this man; however, the LAPD was sent in to keep him from committing suicide, so that he could be arrested and face trial for his terrible crimes.

So while this man is teetering on the brink of a cliff, the nincompoop on the right with a gun shoots him with “a less than lethal munition,” according to the AP. Of great interest to all the news outlets is the fact that all of Mr. Hill’s victims were co-stars with him and each other.

It only gets worse. “Sources familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly said Hill had a history of violence that included a 1999 assault-with-a-firearm conviction for threatening to kill one of his college instructors for not giving him an A. Hill, of Riverdale, Md., allegedly told the University of Maryland instructor that he was ‘a mobster and would dismember the instructor’s body if he didn’t get the grade,’ according to a 1999 story in the Washington Post.” As a Marylander and alumnus of the University of Maryland, College Park, I can only lower head in shame. I wonder if he ever completed a degree program? Threatening a professor for a grade is the lowest form of grade grubbing. I wonder who dropped the ball and let this guy back out on the streets back in 1999?

Mr. Stephen Clancy Hill fell to his death in scenic Chatsworth, California.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times

R.I.P. Malcom McLaren

Dead at 64

The Los Angeles Times reports that Malcolm McLaren passed away on Thursday, April 8 in a Swiss hospital after a long struggle with cancer. He was 64 years old. McLaren is survived by his son, Joseph Corré, his love-child by Vivienne Westwood, as well as his longtime girlfriend, Young Kim. While he was behind other bands of note, such as Bow Wow Wow (of mohawk fame) he’s best remembered for his association with the Sex Pistol’s. While the breakup was acrimonious, it does seem to exemplify McLaren’s controversial manner.

McLaren was a restless cultural entrepreneur and talent spotter whose ears were attuned to the discontented undercurrents, both in popular music and in British society, that gave rise to punk. LA Times

His relationship with Vivienne Westwood was more of business-like than romantic, as they opened boutiques that offered pre-torn tee-shirts and jeans with safety pins, as well as leather gear with a B&D flair. Their fashion sense can still be seen today from the streets of Hollywood all the way to the Big Apple and beyond. A well-placed mohawk is still a sight to see and will draw attention as if it were still 1978. Let’s not forget, he also helped Adam and the Ants gain recognition during their short-lived career.

Those were the days...

It’s difficult to gauge McLaren’s impact on culture. I’m sure Vivienne Westwood’s boutiques would have prospered with or without him. The Sex Pistols? I’m not so sure. Annabella, of Bow Wow Wow fame described him as a genius. He certainly knew what he was doing when he plucked her out of a WestEnd hairdresser’s and put her in front of a microphone. Annabella also described McLaren as “a little boy in a man’s body,” who “was very much an intellectual,” with an appreciation of life’s finer pleasures, but who also “got bored very easily.” Perhaps he suffered from adult ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). If so, he was able to parlay it into a successful career.

I am sad. I was a youth during this last gasp of originality in popular culture. It’s time to check another name off the list of my cultural heroes. As Freddy Mercury would say, “Another one bites the dust.” They say that Steve Jones, who never failed to spout brimstone and sulphur at the mere mention of Malcolm McLaren, has softer words for the brief arbiter of cool. You will have to hear that for yourself on Jonesy’s Jukebox. I stopped listening a few years ago.


Where are they now? Sinéad O’Connor

Thank you to the bloggers at Crooks and Liars for saving this bizarre clip from the Larry King show. A four-way interview goes kooky when Sinead, who speaks Irish, not English, asked for the definition of “post-pubescent.” Despite the matronly appearance – dowdy dress, thick classes and horrible hair (better to be bald!) she still looks quite beautiful to me. Years ago at an appearance on Saturday Night Live, Sinead took a picture of Pope John Paul II and ripped it in half after singing a very lovely song. Oh, the controversy that ensued! She was reviled and cursed. There was some charity gig (Was it Farm Aid?) where thousands booed her off the stage and Kris Kristoferson comforted her in her distress. After all, she was little more than a tiny chick herself at the time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well, well, well. It turns out our little skinhead Sinead was right all along. As it turns out, Ms. O’Connor was sent off to convent school for wayward girls. Want to see what it was like? There’s a clip about a place that was just like it that you can see at the end of this post. The clip hardly shows the entirety of the hateful cruelty, sexual sadism and base greed that these Irish Catholic girls were exploited for. Yet still the new Pope, who they say is looking a bit down in the mouth these days, just sits in his chair, chatting with Mr. Saint Peter and ignoring the world, the Catholic world as it exists. While his many detractors accuse him of complicity in covering up the crimes of these molesting priests when he was a bishop, his few supporters are using the pulpit and the media to assert his innocence in these matters.

Lie and Deny

If Cardinal Mahoney is any example to go by, then things don’t look good for Cardinal Ratzinger, as the new Pope was once called. I live in Los Angeles, and it’s a proven fact that Mohney participated in the cover up of these crimes under the sanctimonious guise of “priest-penitent confession.” Is that legal? I don’t know. Each state interprets this issue differently. I don’t know if Federal supports this. Certainly lawyer-client privilege was tossed out the door by Bush 2. Why should priests be given this protection, if lawyers and their clients can’t use it?

This Donohue character who is Commander-in-Chief of the Catholic League shows he has as much knowledge about pedophilia as the 82-year-old Benedict XVI. He really comes across as a stupid, bigoted and hateful person. Just the kind of guy that the poor ol’ Pope needs to speak on his behalf.

It’s a grievous sin these priests and nuns have committed over the years against poor helpless children. The children grew up and society has changed. Now it’s time to pay the piper. And Larry King, how could you give that horrible Donohue character the last word, in the very face of a victim of priestly abuse, insinuating the way he did that the victims were willing partners? Revolting! Shame on you, Larry! I hope you had a good Pesach. (A choleryeh ahf dir!)

As a final note, reruns of that episode of SNL were sanitized by replacing the controversial footage replaced by footage from an earlier rehersal that day. Back when Pope John Paul II was sitting on the Papal throne, he was an unassailable figure. He stood up against the Commies! I’d say he did more to bring down the Soviet Union that Uncle Ronnie, but that’s an arguement for another day.