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Accosted by the Church of Scientology!

Have you ever noticed those nondescript buildings on the Northeast and Northwest corners of Cahuenga and Hollywood? Scientology. Those of you who are familiar with my blog should also know about my obsession with security cameras, especially LAPD. They dot Hollywood and its adjoining territories like virulent warts. Well, here’s a camera on the Northwest corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga that I’d never noticed before. How weird! Here are the pictures that I took of it in the sequence that they were shot.


Ever closer

Creepy, huh?

Since I was in my camera zone, I decided to take a couple of pictures of the Sea Org building that’s on the Northwest corner of Cahuenga and Hollywood.

Take a close look at the woman on the phone and then look for her grand appearance in the exciting video footage that’s coming up! K?

After I crossed Cahuyenga on the North side, I noticed to my surprise that there was yet another camera, this time mounted on the Sea Org building itself and it was taking pictures of the people down below on the sidewalk! Without their knowlege! On our beloved, sacred Boulevard of Broken Dreams! Wait till you see what happened next.

At this point I could tell that things were only going to get hotter and heavier if I stuck around. [Rule #1 when you move to Hollywood: Don’t mess with the Scientologists. (oops!)]So anyway, I started on my merry way (dum, dum, dee dum) down Hollywood when this goon comes up from behind me. What were you doing over there, man? Why were you taking all those pictures? What have you got against Scientology? It was wholesale creepy wrapped in a stuped-over jackbooted goon-faced package. Here’s his little contribution, not even worthy of YouTube.

Just great, huh? How’d you like this guy try to crawl up your ass? I was rude to him and just kept going MY way down the sidewalk. As he turned his back on me, I yelled, “GOON! Scientology Goon!!!” Aren’t I brave?

Next issue, see my visit on the set of How to Make Love to a Woman. Who were those famous faces, anyway… I’ll have to think about it a while. I just hope those Sea Org people don’t come after me in the night!


Am I the Target of a Harassment Campaign?

On March 21, I showed you a video of a man who appeared to be a new recruit, right off the street to Scientology. Reaction to the video has been overwhelming, 350 hits on YouTube, so far, plus the hits from this page means a lot of hits. You should read some of the text messages that have followed the airing of this video on YouTube. One person wrote, “It’s like seeing a person die.”

In the interest of fairness, I invite someone who is from Scientology to email me here, or through YouTube, to explain their religion, and just rap; but please don’t leave juvenile: I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer voice messages. Every time this occurs, it will go straight to you, my audience to assess. Is it creepy enough? Were there any discernable threats? And so on. If fact, I think I’m going to make a list of ten criteria, all of equal importance, in order to assist you in your assessment of my hate mail AND harrassing phone messages. While I am working on the list, let me show you the video that all this muddle is about:

Please note the number of time that I gasp, “Omigod!” in this brief clip. I’ve become such a Southern Californian.