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You must thank the LAPD

Porn star plunges to death

AP Photo/Axel Koester

The video in this post is a bit tart. I wouldn’t recommend showing it to anybody who is either suicidal, or has a problem with seeing a man plunge to his death. Granted, the man in question was an utterly unsavory character. While his real name was Stephen Clancy Hill, he went by the stage name Steve Driver. He allegedly slashed one co-worker to death and injured 2 others. According to the L.A. Times, the man was going to be fired from his job. Besides being paid to have sex in front of cameras, he also earned money packaging his own and others’ videos at the pornography company’s production facility in Van Nuys. (To those readers who are unfamiliar with the San Fernando Valley, its number 1 export is pornography.) Apparently Mr. Hill was also facing eviction. I’m not saying that I feel sorry for this man; however, the LAPD was sent in to keep him from committing suicide, so that he could be arrested and face trial for his terrible crimes.

So while this man is teetering on the brink of a cliff, the nincompoop on the right with a gun shoots him with “a less than lethal munition,” according to the AP. Of great interest to all the news outlets is the fact that all of Mr. Hill’s victims were co-stars with him and each other.

It only gets worse. “Sources familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly said Hill had a history of violence that included a 1999 assault-with-a-firearm conviction for threatening to kill one of his college instructors for not giving him an A. Hill, of Riverdale, Md., allegedly told the University of Maryland instructor that he was ‘a mobster and would dismember the instructor’s body if he didn’t get the grade,’ according to a 1999 story in the Washington Post.” As a Marylander and alumnus of the University of Maryland, College Park, I can only lower head in shame. I wonder if he ever completed a degree program? Threatening a professor for a grade is the lowest form of grade grubbing. I wonder who dropped the ball and let this guy back out on the streets back in 1999?

Mr. Stephen Clancy Hill fell to his death in scenic Chatsworth, California.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times


Age Inappropriate to the Max!

Sweet bird of youth…

We have a character here in Hollywood who loves to parade up and down the streets in mesh shirts and Daisy Duke cutoffs. If I were to venture a guess, I’d say he is seventy-five years old, if not a day. Now I know that there is a sub-culture that likes wrinkled, sun-damaged skin, so this post will probably not disturb them in the least. But if you are sensitive, you may want to look elsewhere, or you may be like me and rubberneck to see: I’m talking about the ugly old man who dresses inappropriately.

photograph by Russell Smith, image altered to protect privacy

But wait, there’s more. I think he shadowed me over to the Hollywood and Highland complex so I could take a picture of him with his friend with the terrible toupé. It figures he’d be chums with another person who suffers from what I believe is a subtype of somatophorm disorder called Body dysmorphic disorder. Normally these people think that they are ugly, rely on heavily on plastic surgery to correct their supposed disfigurements and are disappointed when the surgeries do not result in a change in their self-image. Remember that these people are delusional. Now the gentleman above also seems to be delusional, but in the opposite way. He seems to think that he is extremely attractive and desirable. The great actress Edith Massey played someone with the exact same personality type in the movie Female Trouble, directed by John Waters, staring Devine.

Birds of a feather, photograph by Russell Smith, image altered to protect privacy

Let’s take a look at the late great Edith Massey, so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Edith Massey in all her glory, RIP

Road Rage Hollywood style

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not get out of your car. That will only escalate the situation and leave you vulnerable to assault. See what happened to this woman when she got out of her car. It’s disgusting how some people will act.

If I should die

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Am I in heaven?


Many of the homeless find succor on the couches that litter the sidewalks of Hollywood. Below is a look. Where do these couches come from? Some believe that they sprout from the very sidewalks themselves in a process known as “snob-mediated foot traffic.” Others believe that they fall from the skies from heaven, as an answer from God to the prayers of these unfortunates. A third theory is that people, upon eviction, or conviction, leave them behind in disgust. Too poor to retrieve the battered upholstery of their lives, as it were, they just let nature take its course.

A fine example of couch plantin'

How much would you pay?

Sleep tight ye prince of ...

These three represent just a few of my collection. In order to keep this a G-rated sight, I won’t force you to to look at any more. They are indeed not very hard to find, a disgrace to any society that claims supremacy in weath and power. I find them disturbing, but I grew up in france where the homeless knew they’re place and were smart enough to STAY PUT!