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Religiosity on the Boulevard, plus …

I can’t get enough

of the Korean Pentecostals on Hollywood Blvd. They have been making a concerted effort to make their presence known to the summer tourists and locals alike. Take a gander at this lady’s megaphone. She does have a pretty singing voice, but I don’t think she’d make the cut even to get on American Idol.

Then I espied a Scientologist passing out the Free IQ Test handout to all and sundry. One man took it, began to read it and said within earshot, “Oh, Jesus Christ!” I’m surprised he didn’t shred it into a dozen pieces and throw it into the air as a form of exorcism. What him weave his wascally way through the crowds. I had trouble keeping up, but I think he stopped to answer somebody’s question, and that afforded me time to get this shaky footage. I don’t think you can pick the guy out unless you had me standing beside you to tell you who his is.

Oh, Jesus Christ! You've got to be kidding me!

Tammy Report

For the first time ever, Tammy talks directly to the camera. Because I don’t think she’s even competent enough to give her consent to be filmed, before she became too clear in focus, I decided to train the camera on the tree trunk while I spoke with her. Brace yourself as you join me delving into the mind of a mad woman. Is it sad? Yes! For those of a more sensitive nature, don’t listen.

To say that Tammy needs help is the understatement of the Century. But she doesn’t see it that way. First of all, she claims that she’s not on drugs. I’ve seen her with my own two peepers use a crack pipe right on my doorstep. Therein lies the beginning of her downfall. She goes a day or two without sleeping from smoking crack, or crystal meth and that causes her mind to snap. Even the most even-keeled person in the world will start to lose their grip on reality if denied sleep for one or two nights. Take someone whose grasp on reality is already tenuous and give them a stimulant like crack cocaine or crystal meth, and they will go crazy before the night is through. Most social service agencies won’t even talk to you if you fail a urine test. Once Tammy has a taste of the rock, or powder, whatever, she is slamming a dozen doors in her own face. It’s a catch-22 that will lead this woman to an early grave I fear. My dear friend, David G. suffered from the same issues. As his dementia worsened, people wanted less and less to do with him. Because of his inability to live without illicit drugs, he found himself booted out of Mother Teresa’s hospice in Northeast D.C.

I miss you, David. I wish you could have done more to save yourself. I wish I could have done more to save you. I’m haunted by this unrealistic guilt. Why did David die? Why am I still alive?

Hollywood & Highland Subway platform


The bright side vs the dark

There they were…again!

Just how ignorant and hateful these people are is self-evident. Just watch this brief video and judge for yourself.

One depiction of hell

I tried to discourse with these nutjobs, but unfortunately I don’t have a bullhorn to combat their speaker system. I’m wondering if they should get a liscence to use that equipment on the street like that. It’s a choice spot. Do the owners of the Wedding Cake Building collect a fee for the use of their doorstep like that? I love the smug look on their faces as people pass them buy. You know they are thinking, “Yup! That one’s going to hell. That one too! Don’t she have pretty legs – oops! I’m sinning in my heart, etc.”

I thought I was recording a long discourse when I suddenly realized that I didn’t have the [rec] button on! Dammit to hell! I hate that when it happens. You can see what they think of science. They won’t even accept the notion that “God” reveals his creation through science. Notice how they glossed over their anti-Semitism by zeroing in instead on their homophobia and anti-science beliefs. Click here for scientific evidence that homosexuality is an inherited trait. I don’t usually link to Wikipedia, but their coverage on the topic is pretty thorough.

Now for the bright side

Ironically, the sun set while I worked my way through the multitudes on Hollywood Blvd. When I came upon this delightful ensemble of three gentlemen who call themselves Idiosyncracy. The mic on my Sony handycam isn’t the greatest, so you may need to turn up the volume to get a good hear. Kindly after they finished their set, the gave me a cd with three songs on it ; Diamonds, Stay Away, and Watchdog. I wonder if the second song is about people like me? Take a look and listen. By the way, I’ve always believed that the best rock groups are trios. For example, Led Zeplin, Jimmy Hendrix Experience…Sorry Beatles, Who, Rolling Stones. If you need a back-up guitar, or a second drummer, or backup singers, then you are weak. ‘Nuff said. Also, you just have to respect anyone who can play the standup bass.

So tell me. Which would you rather hear on the sidewalks of your town? Love, Hollywood Russ