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More adventures on L.A.’s subways

This time it’s the Gold Line

The whole thing started when this kid was playing music from his “device” very loudly so that it filled the whole train. I approached him very politely. I said, “Sir,” and he tossed me a baleful glance. “Sir,” I repeated and then I continued with “could you please turn your music down.” I did not react. I got closer to him and said, “I guess you didn’t realize I was talking to you. Could you please turn your music down?” Still he ignored me. I reminded him that playing your music loudly will garner you a $250 fine. He responded with, “What are you? The police?” I told him no, but I was a passenger on the train and his behavior was unacceptable. He ignored me. So then I sat down and recorded his handsome mug to share with the rest of you!

If you listen to people on the train, when the camera is down, he wields his plastic three-wheeled skateboard at me like he is going to hit me with it. You can hear and see some of the people on the train react with horror. “Put that away!” One man cries out in a tone that seems to mean business. I’m not the only one who is getting sick of these obnoxious fellow humans. It’s hard to conceptualize that the adolescent brain is shrinking, cutting synapses that are redundant, under utilized, what have you. Just like I was the first t.v. generation, these kids are the first X-box generation. They’ve been exposed to graphic violence, neglected by their parents, etc. It doesn’t lessen their responsibility for their behavior! I am radically pissed.

Look at this doofus punk. As soon as I turned off the camera, the doors to the train opened. Like a cowardly punk-ass bitch (as we say at our garden tea parties) he hits me with his plastic contraption. I forget that many other people have been raised by wolves. This S.O.B. drew blood when he hit me. That is unacceptable. Well, watch the video and enjoy! Remember the face. Beware. This kid is dangerous and crazy. Do not approach unless you are an officer of the law.

defensive wound

It baffles the mind how unsafe the subway system is. That would never happen in Washington, D.C. where I come from. Why? Because … I don’t know why, honestly. Part of the issue is me. I try to stamp out ASSHOLE-ISM where ever it may be. I’m not afraid of people younger than me, or older than me, or of any race or gender. Asshole-ism crosses every strata of society. I know I have an anger management problem, but it irks me that people sit silently and put up with the asshole-ism of the few. If decent folk stick together, then these arrogant, mean, stupid people won’t have the clout that their rotten behavior affords them.


Panic in Hollywood

First there was the cult

I don’t know who these morons are. They were standing on the sidewalk (as you can see from the photos) but they objected when I took a picture of a couple of their signs. The second photo shows their leader trying to stop me from filming. They grew very agitated and couldn’t understand that because they were on the sidewalk with signs, then reason dictates that they wanted attention. I wished I’d been running my video camera, but alas. They were videotaping me, so perhaps the whole thing will be captured on YouTube for posterity anyway. Their low-budget frocks are almost endearing. They seemed very earnest and I would have been glad to hear what they think, but I’m Whitie, the blue-eyed Devil. Why can’t we all just get along?

So proud of their signage! ©Russell Smith, 2011

Note the fringe on their frocks! ©Russell Smith, 2011

Then there was the spitter

I saw the man spit at a woman. The woman said he was hitting on her underage daughter and she was trying to make him go away. His unfortunate manner of retaliating against the cock-blocking mother was inappropriate to say the least. He nearly got his ass kicked by the whole neighborhood. What follows are entertaining footage and photographs of the event.

First the videos

Then come the photographs

Figure 1. Restraint

"I have been base." Mercedes, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas

"Run, Rabbit, Run!" John Updike

All we need is rope and a shovel.

Hollywood Cops

I get tired of them.

In the clutches...

They like to pick on people. They don’t like to arrest people, or filling out police reports. If you can afford private security, then you are safe in Hollywood; otherwise, you are in constant danger of being mugged, harassed, or any other awful thing. People use drugs in public. Crack houses operate with impunity. I know because I’ve lived across the street from one for years. Below is a video that shows cops harassing bicycle riders, and then they jump on the videographer. It’s ugly.

There’s a cop who appears in both the video and this picture. I’ve taken his picture before and he has a problem with being photographed. I wonder why? I wonder how many crimes, large or small that he’s committed while “protecting and serving?” All of the cops from the Wilcox station seem to give off a creepy vibe. There used to be a few nice guys on the force, but I think they got reassigned. One cop told me that personnel was down. If that’s so, why does it take THREE cops to detain this poor fellow who looks like he weighs 98 pounds wet?

URGENT – Blight of skaters – follow up

What do you think?

Below is the only comment I’ve gotten on my video “Skaters,” which was posted on the entry, “What the Hey!” dated February 17. It was under the subheading, The Blight of Skaters. What follows is my reply. First you see the person’s ugly remarks, then you see my reply.

C ommentator (1 hour ago) Show Hide

Marked as spam

look mother fucker this is my fucking brother you fucking peice of shit!!! i can sue you for this shit!!! i find another fucken video about my brother or another little fucking comment about him or his friend i will call the cops on you i know this video was made without his permision! of the filming or posting it on the internet! these kids are under age and its discusting how you are filming these under aged kids! grow up you son of a bitch get a real fucking life!
russkie69 (6 seconds ago) Show Hide

Marked as spam  (This is my reply)

Call the cops. I have a right to film what’s going on outside my window. I already spoke with my neighbors who are in this video and made peace with them. I don’t who you are, but you are the one who needs to get a life. I will take down the video out of respect to my two neighbors. They are good kids. You? Well, you’ve shown what kind of person you are.
Further thoughts
Now I’m having second thoughts about taking the video down. Should I reward this kind of behavior? I probably should not have even replied. If you look at the video, you can’t even tell who the people are. I blocked the person and reported her email as spam. What else can I do? I am distressed over this situation and not a bit worried. It’s funny how when one reveals the truth, how much hatred it can engender. Your loving reporter in Hollywood, Russ

Street preachers and roaches

But that’s life in Hollywood

This guy is beyond creepy. Those glasses and the microphone remind me of one man, Jim Jones. Not only that, you should take note of his dismissive attitude toward education and science. The strongest pillar in every religion is an ignorant flock. Take a good look at the rabble listening to him. When I turned off my camera, the fellow eating the pre-made sandwich, leaning against the pole, assaulted me with curses, “You’re a hater! You worship the devil! Blah, blah…” He was no more than five inches from my face. I could smell the mayonnaise on his skanky breath. Clearly he was either a meth or crack addict who’d not slept for a day or two. His eyes sparkled with the poisons in his system. I replied, “Is this an example of your Christian love?” The rabble backed off. I had to top it off with, “I’m not afraid of you.” I could see that they were afraid of me. If he’s there tomorrow, I’ll be there too, camera in hand.

A formidable foe

Unlike the Jesus freaks, I can deal with cockroaches in a more detached, scientific manner. Also they are easier to shove off the curb. It seems as if every time I drive one Jesus freak off of my corner, another one replaces him. This new guy may be a tougher nut to crack, however, because he has a microphone setup and thugs to back him up. But he’s there to save my soul, even if it means breaking my neck.

At the risk of repetitiveness, I’m not afraid. I’ve got my own sword and shield – a rational mind and a videocamera. Next time I won’t be in a hurry to turn it off. Next time, I may pretend to turn it off and see what happens. When he said, “I never heard of physics creating anything,” that’s when I knew I was dealing with a dangerous character. He pretends to give others a fair hearing, but he doesn’t.

Avatar – Mollifying our collective guilt

Scene from Avatar

I was on my way to pick up some medicines at the drug store when I ran into the premiere of Avatar at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Reviews are all over the place at this point about the movie. Variety’s Todd McCarthy gushes, “Cameron delivers again with a film of universal appeal that just about everyone who ever goes to the movies will need to see.” Given its Friday night box office receipts of $27 million, that is a good start. On the other hand, let’s look at the competition. Did you hear about the Morgans? Invictus, The Princess and the Frog…These movies are hardly even getting a pulse at the BO (Box Office, for those of you who aren’t movie industry insiders.)

While I’ve only seen the preview when I went to see the fabulous Men Who Stare at Goats (starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey) I did hear the reactions of the audience when they saw aforementioned preview. It garnered more scoffing chortles than when I sang “I Fall to Pieces” at a karaoke bar. Well, let’s watch the trailer and then we can talk a bit more.

What I take away from this three minute clip is this. It’s an obvious anti-war message, but couched inside, like so many Hollywood movies, is White man’s guilt over pillaging and plundering planet Earth, not planet Pandora. Feeling guilty is one thing, but taking action is another. Originally the talk of the town was that the budget of this movie would exceed $300 million. As usual all the early buzz was hype. The budget was only in excess of $200 million, to me that means up to $299,999,999 and 99¢. If guilty Whitey spent that money on scholarships, community development projects and the like, it would go a bit further than this movie in undoing the harm of our current sociopathic capitalist system. While this movie champions compassion over self-interest, and naturalism over industrialism, it is a paradox in itself with its use of high-tech gadgetry to achieve special effects. (More on special effects later.) Sure it gave low paying jobs to ticket takers and concession stands. Maybe it advanced optical sciences in some way beyond my comprehension, but on the whole, from a job creation standpoint at least, the movie flops. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of the jobs created by the movie industry are low-paying service positions, such as ushers, ticket-takers, janitors and concession stand operators.

Before I forget, let me just talk about the problem I have with special effects. There was a time when special effects were used to enhance a movie, The Exorcist for example. When little Regan’s head started twisting around and around, I just about bit my nails to the bone! Within that same golden era of movie making (the Seventies, that is) another movie came out, Star Wars. Please don’t misunderstand me. I loved Star Wars when it came out. I saw it three times. Little did I know that the use of special effects would become the end-all of 9 out of 10 movies. I just pulled that statistic out of my fertile imagination, but I’m sure I’m not too far off the mark. Special effects have come to replace plotlines, direction, cinematography, and plain old good acting, as the benchmark for a fine movie. (I’m including wild makeup under special effects, à la Freddy Kruger.) Compare a movie from the 70’s with its remake in the zeros and see how much of a role special effects have taken over. I dare ya! Special effects may wow you while you’re sitting in your seat, but if you went to the movies for a good story, you will leave that theater with a hollow feeling.

Now before I let you go, I want you to see how the movie industry treats the regular joe on the street when he’s on his way to the drug store to pick up his medicines.

Well, I hope that James Cameron feels better about himself and the rape and pillage of planet Earth. One last clip. I nearly died when I heard the soundtrack. This video is called “Save the Planet – Watch This!”  It’s a scream.


I’m back to stir things up!

Some say Hollywood Stinks

You might want to ask this couple what they think. One thing for sure, if you are near the Hollywood and Highland complex, you should feel fairly safe. The gentlemen below are an ever-present fixture. I would suggest that they spend less time lapping up those Starbucks lattés and blueberry scones.

Pick on the black guyThe gentleman that they are hassling is a fixture at H&H. He is a precussionist. There used to be a troop of dancers and he provided a lovely backdrop for their performances. The police seem intent on making Hollywood as safe and sterile as possible.

It’s been a while since I posted a skank of the day. In the interest of fairness, today’s skank is a male:


For the record, the day I snapped this shot, it was not even eighty degrees Fahrenheit and it wasn’t that sunny either. My definition of a skank is someone who walks around half naked. The reasons for this behavior should be self-evident – to get laid. Dude, are you that desperate?

Let’s take a look at today’s most pathetic homeless person and then call it a day.

Help them!

The Republicans will tell you that there will always be poor. But why is that? There’s that old saying that if you redistributed all the wealth equally among all the people in the country, then in a few days all that money would be reconcentrated in the same hands. That’s bullshit Capitalist propaganda. I know that if I got an equal piece of that multi-trillion pile, I’d do my best to hold on to it. Investments? Try buying a house, a car and a boat with money hands down! It would destroy the credit system as it exists today. The fact that we don’t even have usery laws in this country says much about our system. Okay, now some of this should be better left said on PoliticoGoGo. Good day and good luck!