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You must thank the LAPD

Porn star plunges to death

AP Photo/Axel Koester

The video in this post is a bit tart. I wouldn’t recommend showing it to anybody who is either suicidal, or has a problem with seeing a man plunge to his death. Granted, the man in question was an utterly unsavory character. While his real name was Stephen Clancy Hill, he went by the stage name Steve Driver. He allegedly slashed one co-worker to death and injured 2 others. According to the L.A. Times, the man was going to be fired from his job. Besides being paid to have sex in front of cameras, he also earned money packaging his own and others’ videos at the pornography company’s production facility in Van Nuys. (To those readers who are unfamiliar with the San Fernando Valley, its number 1 export is pornography.) Apparently Mr. Hill was also facing eviction. I’m not saying that I feel sorry for this man; however, the LAPD was sent in to keep him from committing suicide, so that he could be arrested and face trial for his terrible crimes.

So while this man is teetering on the brink of a cliff, the nincompoop on the right with a gun shoots him with “a less than lethal munition,” according to the AP. Of great interest to all the news outlets is the fact that all of Mr. Hill’s victims were co-stars with him and each other.

It only gets worse. “Sources familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly said Hill had a history of violence that included a 1999 assault-with-a-firearm conviction for threatening to kill one of his college instructors for not giving him an A. Hill, of Riverdale, Md., allegedly told the University of Maryland instructor that he was ‘a mobster and would dismember the instructor’s body if he didn’t get the grade,’ according to a 1999 story in the Washington Post.” As a Marylander and alumnus of the University of Maryland, College Park, I can only lower head in shame. I wonder if he ever completed a degree program? Threatening a professor for a grade is the lowest form of grade grubbing. I wonder who dropped the ball and let this guy back out on the streets back in 1999?

Mr. Stephen Clancy Hill fell to his death in scenic Chatsworth, California.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times


Money talks, you know the rest

Have you looked at the crime map?

Just go to this link. Make sure you scroll down and press GO, in order to change the crime map to your address. Those of you who are familiar with Google Maps should find the following interface easy to deal with. I suggest you change the view from Satellite to Map by clicking the button at the top right corner. If you change the drop down menu to last 7 days, you will see so many dots that it will scramble your senses. Each dot stands for a crime with a color key to the right.

If you want information on Hollywood’s Neighborhood Watch program, good luck. As far as I can tell, there isn’t one. The Senior lead officer, who is supposed to be in charge of this, is Officer Ralph Sanchez. I tried to call him at (213) 793-0704, but am still waiting for a return call. His supervisor downtown on this is named Elaine Morales, (213) 486-6000. She is involved in the LAPD Community Relations programs. Hmph. Here’s the link to LAPD’s Neighborhood Watch Program. I would like to thank the nameless police despatcher who gave me Ms. Morales’ phone number. Ms. Morales directed me to Officer Sanchez. She also asked me to call her back if I didn’t get satisfaction. I hope your ears are burning Ms. Elaine!

Now let’s talk about 1751 N. Las Palmas

Use a forklift much?

If you want to take a look at the permit for this project, click here. I spoke with one of the safety inspectors for the job, Mr. John Carpenter. He can be reached at (213) 482-0364, which is contrary to the Inspection Report. If you take a close look at the document, you should note that the site hasn’t been inspected November 9, 2009 where Mr. Carpenter notes that he could not get access to the property! His manner to me was abrupt, and that’s putting it kindly. Frankly, I don’t think he knows what the hell is going on with this property. I asked why it was stalled for so long and he replied, “Funding.” When I tried to ask him for more information on this point, he cut me off and said, “FUNDING!” As if I needed a hearing aid. Whenever I pointed out a problem, he’d refer me to another entity, usually the police. I know that the LAPD has a special officer who deals with construction site issues, but Mr. Carpenter didn’t know anything about that. Oh, no. And when I mentioned other violations, like the workers habit of spilling particulate matter into the air, he said, “Call Cal-OSHA!” He did agree to tell the workers to stop hammering at 6:30 in the morning, but what I took away from this conversation was a man who didn’t want to be bothered by the likes of some uppity citizen of the fair city of Hollywood. So in addition to the 270 units that are being put up by the Jefferson Project and the 218 condos going up at the McCadden Project, we now have an additional unkown number of units going up within a one-block radius. The smaller buildings are being mushroomed out of existance. Any building built before 1980 is protected by rent control. The developers (probably Republicans) will stop at nothing to destroy these building and replace them with pricey condos and apartment units that nobody can afford anyway.

Here’s a brief video for Cal-OSHA. The forklift these guys are using is so old, that rather than try to restart it over and over again, they just leave it running:

Guess my next job is to find out where the local Cal-OSHA office is located. Who I need to talk to there and start harassing them. In the meantime, I encourage everyone in the neighborhood to join the Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Council and show up at their meetings. We don’t have to take this lying down!