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You must thank the LAPD

Porn star plunges to death

AP Photo/Axel Koester

The video in this post is a bit tart. I wouldn’t recommend showing it to anybody who is either suicidal, or has a problem with seeing a man plunge to his death. Granted, the man in question was an utterly unsavory character. While his real name was Stephen Clancy Hill, he went by the stage name Steve Driver. He allegedly slashed one co-worker to death and injured 2 others. According to the L.A. Times, the man was going to be fired from his job. Besides being paid to have sex in front of cameras, he also earned money packaging his own and others’ videos at the pornography company’s production facility in Van Nuys. (To those readers who are unfamiliar with the San Fernando Valley, its number 1 export is pornography.) Apparently Mr. Hill was also facing eviction. I’m not saying that I feel sorry for this man; however, the LAPD was sent in to keep him from committing suicide, so that he could be arrested and face trial for his terrible crimes.

So while this man is teetering on the brink of a cliff, the nincompoop on the right with a gun shoots him with “a less than lethal munition,” according to the AP. Of great interest to all the news outlets is the fact that all of Mr. Hill’s victims were co-stars with him and each other.

It only gets worse. “Sources familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly said Hill had a history of violence that included a 1999 assault-with-a-firearm conviction for threatening to kill one of his college instructors for not giving him an A. Hill, of Riverdale, Md., allegedly told the University of Maryland instructor that he was ‘a mobster and would dismember the instructor’s body if he didn’t get the grade,’ according to a 1999 story in the Washington Post.” As a Marylander and alumnus of the University of Maryland, College Park, I can only lower head in shame. I wonder if he ever completed a degree program? Threatening a professor for a grade is the lowest form of grade grubbing. I wonder who dropped the ball and let this guy back out on the streets back in 1999?

Mr. Stephen Clancy Hill fell to his death in scenic Chatsworth, California.

Al Seib/Los Angeles Times


R.I.P. Malcom McLaren

Dead at 64

The Los Angeles Times reports that Malcolm McLaren passed away on Thursday, April 8 in a Swiss hospital after a long struggle with cancer. He was 64 years old. McLaren is survived by his son, Joseph Corré, his love-child by Vivienne Westwood, as well as his longtime girlfriend, Young Kim. While he was behind other bands of note, such as Bow Wow Wow (of mohawk fame) he’s best remembered for his association with the Sex Pistol’s. While the breakup was acrimonious, it does seem to exemplify McLaren’s controversial manner.

McLaren was a restless cultural entrepreneur and talent spotter whose ears were attuned to the discontented undercurrents, both in popular music and in British society, that gave rise to punk. LA Times

His relationship with Vivienne Westwood was more of business-like than romantic, as they opened boutiques that offered pre-torn tee-shirts and jeans with safety pins, as well as leather gear with a B&D flair. Their fashion sense can still be seen today from the streets of Hollywood all the way to the Big Apple and beyond. A well-placed mohawk is still a sight to see and will draw attention as if it were still 1978. Let’s not forget, he also helped Adam and the Ants gain recognition during their short-lived career.

Those were the days...

It’s difficult to gauge McLaren’s impact on culture. I’m sure Vivienne Westwood’s boutiques would have prospered with or without him. The Sex Pistols? I’m not so sure. Annabella, of Bow Wow Wow fame described him as a genius. He certainly knew what he was doing when he plucked her out of a WestEnd hairdresser’s and put her in front of a microphone. Annabella also described McLaren as “a little boy in a man’s body,” who “was very much an intellectual,” with an appreciation of life’s finer pleasures, but who also “got bored very easily.” Perhaps he suffered from adult ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder). If so, he was able to parlay it into a successful career.

I am sad. I was a youth during this last gasp of originality in popular culture. It’s time to check another name off the list of my cultural heroes. As Freddy Mercury would say, “Another one bites the dust.” They say that Steve Jones, who never failed to spout brimstone and sulphur at the mere mention of Malcolm McLaren, has softer words for the brief arbiter of cool. You will have to hear that for yourself on Jonesy’s Jukebox. I stopped listening a few years ago.