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106 and Park (on BET)

That’s right! Yesterday your intrepid videographer and reporter stumbled upon the filming of a show called 106 and Park. It was a celebration of 10 years on the air. Who knew? And I was participating in a big affair being held simultaneously in NYC and Charlotte as well as Los Angeles. Wow! I should have filmed longer, but I didn’t know where I was at. I asked security guards, police, audience members, “What’s the name of the band playing?” Finally, an extremely good looking Black couple came to my assistance. God, they were good looking. They MUST have been models. I felt like a slug in their presence and became quite tongue-tied. They told me the name of the show, but it just wasn’t registering and I’m not really sure, but I think it’s like American Bandstand or Soul Train. According to Wikipedia

106 & Park is an American music video show, set up in a countdown format, that airs weekdays 6 p.m. on BET and weekdays 7 p.m. on BET UK. Since its inception, it has been the network’s number one rated show.


Hollywood is about filming

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

You’ve been given full warning!

Security is tight!

Just how many NCIS’s are there?

And then one more video, if you please.

Then Bob’s your uncle!

Street performers

Street Performers!

They come in two varieties; annoying and poignant. The most annoying are the manic street preachers. But the guy on roller blades with the guitar on Venice Beach is a real jerk. There are some who defend him, but I find him to be ultra-annoying, unfunny and untalented. (But he still deserves healthcare).

Rollerblade dude showing his stuff!

Rollerblade dude showing his stuff!

The most poignant are the talented ones, or the ones (like children and animals) who are forced to dance for the spare change of passers-bye. The first video is one of my favorites, but I’ve never seen the guy again. Next time, I’ll treat you to a couple of street preachers. One is from the Tony Alamo crowd (shudder) and the other drives a tour bus. He just preaches on the corner of Hollywood and Highland part-time. Don’t worry, you’ll be meeting him soon enough.

But then their are the ones who make you wonder.


Check out the hot band from Sweden!

How unbelievable is this? A heavy metal band comprised of triplets! The name of their band is Snake in Eden. They must have a nice sound because they’ve already booked some excellent gigs , The Whiskey, to name just one. I hope they make it straight to the top. How can you not admire these kids who’ve come all the way from Sweden, probably with relatively empty pockets? And they’re going after it while they’re still young, before they had a chance to get old and lazy, like some people.