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Post-Halloween Report

Well the man brought in the Heat

I fled Hollywood for my resort in Ventura, just 90 mins away. So I am unaware of anything untoward happening in Hollywood.

I’ve noticed that the Times rarely reports on happenings in Hollywood. Does that anything to do with the rejuvenation project that the developers have dumped billions into? hmmmmmm I’m tired of thinking. It makes my head hurt.
I posted this picture on FB already and I don’t want to include it with Beautiful Pictures, even though it is definitely going into Flickr.

Who doesn't love macaroni and cheese?

Don’t forget to vote Democratic across the board today!


Clear evidence that America is insane

When I read that article off of Yahoo News, that Madam Palin was more popular than the running mates, I came very close to vomiting. Has anyone taken a peek at her resumé? Am I the only one who’s witnessed her disgusting abuse of her children, dragging one into the limelight during the most difficult time in her life? And producing a mongoloid child, just to give herself cred with the GOP’s most insane members of the Christian Right. There is no way that you can tell this woman doesn’t have a nanny! That of course being one of the worst sins of the Christian Right. Here are some questions I’d like to ask Governor Palin:

  • Were you sexually abstinent in high school?
  • Did you ever take birth control; and if so, when did you stop?
  • Do you think that you are as qualified as Joe Biden to step in, if the worst should happen? (Now I must ask my beloved readers to stop and think about McCain’s age and physical appearance. Scary stuff here folks)

That America got a kick out of her bitchy (yeah, it was bitchy) and vitriolic and sarcastic appearance at the RNC is proof, as clear as than that bottle of Absolute that this nation is insane and should be committed before more damage is done to the world! When I look at those two together, I get this creepy end of the world feeling, that forces behind the scene are pushing this electoral scenario, guiding us to the worst possible conclusion and just that much closer to the end of the world.

Remember when we were the good guys? If one our Presidents visited another country, he was greeted with mobs of school children waving our little stars and stripes, cheering. Now it’s different. He has to to be helicoptered into the country in the dark of night; only to be greeted in the morning by protesters, some of them violent, who would tear our President limb from limb if they could get their hands on him and this is in Western European countries, who used to be our closest allies. And now this man with one foot in the grave and this hateful harridan plan to move in where Bush left off.

Oh, deary me. Perhaps a jolt or two of Absolut for every voting citizen would make them see the way things are going more clearly. I’m just not sure anymore.