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Panic in Hollywood

First there was the cult

I don’t know who these morons are. They were standing on the sidewalk (as you can see from the photos) but they objected when I took a picture of a couple of their signs. The second photo shows their leader trying to stop me from filming. They grew very agitated and couldn’t understand that because they were on the sidewalk with signs, then reason dictates that they wanted attention. I wished I’d been running my video camera, but alas. They were videotaping me, so perhaps the whole thing will be captured on YouTube for posterity anyway. Their low-budget frocks are almost endearing. They seemed very earnest and I would have been glad to hear what they think, but I’m Whitie, the blue-eyed Devil. Why can’t we all just get along?

So proud of their signage! ©Russell Smith, 2011

Note the fringe on their frocks! ©Russell Smith, 2011

Then there was the spitter

I saw the man spit at a woman. The woman said he was hitting on her underage daughter and she was trying to make him go away. His unfortunate manner of retaliating against the cock-blocking mother was inappropriate to say the least. He nearly got his ass kicked by the whole neighborhood. What follows are entertaining footage and photographs of the event.

First the videos

Then come the photographs

Figure 1. Restraint

"I have been base." Mercedes, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas

"Run, Rabbit, Run!" John Updike

All we need is rope and a shovel.


Post-Halloween Report

Well the man brought in the Heat

I fled Hollywood for my resort in Ventura, just 90 mins away. So I am unaware of anything untoward happening in Hollywood.

I’ve noticed that the Times rarely reports on happenings in Hollywood. Does that anything to do with the rejuvenation project that the developers have dumped billions into? hmmmmmm I’m tired of thinking. It makes my head hurt.
I posted this picture on FB already and I don’t want to include it with Beautiful Pictures, even though it is definitely going into Flickr.

Who doesn't love macaroni and cheese?

Don’t forget to vote Democratic across the board today!

Jeff Pro Nearly Done

See the Cherry Picker?

Getting that ad space ready - note that it will be an electric sign! blinky blinky

Once the new neighbors start meeting the old neighbors, sparks are gonna fly. This place will become mugger central because of its central location (several on ramps to the 101 within 2 minute’s drive). Also, these new units are all high-end. White Trash like me could never gain entré! The Jefferson Project is asking for $3,000 per month in rent. RENT! I don’t know how much the McCadden units are going for but it must be in the same neighborhood (forgive the pun) of the Hollywood and the Jefferson Project. By the way, the arrogant Hollywood is still trying to get 2.5 million dollars for their penthouse units. Look to The Hollyblog to give you full coverage of the emerging class warfare!

More neighborhood pics!

You better pray!

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Detail of side of firetruck

Stop the Presses!

Zsa Zsa Gabor Breaks Hip

As we remember her

Even as I type, Zsa Zsa Gabor may be undergoing hip replacement surgery, according to her daughter, Constance Francesca Hilton. The 93-year-old actress broke her right hip Saturday after she fell out of bed while reaching for a ringing telephone at her Bel-Air home, said John Blanchette, Gabor’s publicist.

My question is, where was her lousy husband, the so-called Prince of Anhalt – a meaningless title? Why wasn’t he bedside? Was/IS there a home healthcare worker there to help Zsa Zsa with the tasks of daily living? When she was in a coma after her car accident in 1993, her husband sold pictures of her in this sad state to the German rag, Das Spiegel. The ones who bought the bogus Hitler diaries back in the long forgotten Eighties. Her husband, Freddy, found her supine on the floor and called an ambulance. I’m sure after he had a cigar and some cognac.

“My mother is not in critical condition or at death’s door,” said daughter Constance Francesca Hilton in a statement. She was on the phone in the hospital today while having lunch.” Zsa Zsa loves to chatter, doesn’t she? I wish she’d give me a call. I’d make an excellent personal assistant and treat her with the devotion that is her due.

Some may remember Gabor as a regular on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, as well as numerous game shows throughout the Sixties and Seventies. The last time I ever saw her on television was in the very early Nineties, just before her car accident, when she appeared on shock jock Howard Stern’s show. He tried all these secret camera tricks with Stuttering John and a midget in the Green Room. She was the very portrait of courtesy to them both, doing her best to take their direction before going on the air. I think even Howard was impressed. I know Stuttering John and the midget appreciated not being cussed out. When she got on the show, Stern tried to gross her out by displaying various sex toys to her. She knows how to handle men.

“Oh, Howvuhd!” She gushed in her heavy Hungarian accent. “You are zee most talented man on television! That’s the only reason I appeared on your show!” She then denounced Jay Leno (hooray) for calling her a Nazi. She referred to him as “that horrible man with that jaw!” She was right too. Jay Leno sucks.

Please click on the tiny link below. It will open up an hilarious YouTube video of Zsa Zsa making an appearance on What’s my line? Please watch it. It is SEVEN MINUTES LONG. My screen saver came on while I was watching it. LOL. It gives you younger folk a good look at what entertainment was like back in the day. People had to be quick on their feet. Nothing was scripted. Please, please watch it. Even if it IS so terribly, terribly long. Just check out Zsa Zsa’s hair.

Hollywood is about filming

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

You’ve been given full warning!

Security is tight!

Just how many NCIS’s are there?

And then one more video, if you please.

Then Bob’s your uncle!

Gentrification Sucks!

Another reason to hate the Jefferson Project

Jefferson Project - Built by Scabs & Rats

Joe Hill, martyr

What’s the big deal? So they aren’t paying decent wages, maybe even paying illegal immigrants under the table to haul stuff away. Why is everybody getting their panties in a bunch? If it weren’t for unions, there would be no middle class in this country. Sweatshops would abound. Workers would be forced to labor for twelve or more hours at a time. There would be no OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Hell, there would be no Department of Labor, whose Secretary serves on the President’s Cabinet. The last effect Secretary of Labor that this country had was under Bill Clinton. His name? Robert Reich. He served under Bill Clinton and was one of his chief economic advisors. The reasons why Obama didn’t tap him for his administration is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he asked and Reich turned him down? He’d make a better Secretary of the Treasury than Geithner, who has proven himself to be a complete corporate shill. But maybe he is doing a good job by Obama, taking the heat for his misguided pro-corporate policies. So how did I get all the way from the Jefferson to here? Well, there used to be strong labor laws in this country, but under Uncle Ronnie, they were dismantled by Congress (with the help of the pro-right wing Supreme Court). Now, all we have left of the vestiges of a strong union mentality in this country is Labor Day. I wonder how many middle class Americans realize that they have a day off to barbecue thanks to the blood, sweat and tears of labor agitators from the Great Depression era. I wonder how many people know who Joe Hill was. (Joan Baez does a great version of the song, “I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night.”)

If it weren’t for labor unions, there would be no middle-class today –Russell Smith

Jefferson Signage at Highland and Yucca St
Guess how much a unit is going for at the Jefferson? Three thousand dollars a month, that’s how much! With that kind of money backing up this never-ending project, one would think that they would hire members of Carpenters Local 209 to help build this…thing. But no! Every penny counts in this rat-eat-rat world of ours. Back in the old days, the Union would have had a nice gang of thugs to beat the living shit out of these scabs who are stealing jobs from dues paying members of Carpenters Local 209. It is sick-making when one realizes that construction workers, REAL construction workers, are some of the hardest hit people here in L.A. in this Republican-created Depression.

Call 972-556-1700 to complain!

One last insult to the workers of Hollywood. I saw Spiderman getting a ticket for being Spiderman. The world really is turning into an Orwellian nightmare. Watch!

Or Rarely Treats Anyone Fairly

While it may seem cruel not to give out the name of this weekend retreat, tough toenails. Life isn’t always fair. In fact, it rarely treats me fairly. So in that happy spirit let me share with you our weekend getaway. I won’t tell you how long it takes to get there, because that would help anyone with Google map find the joint in about five minutes. On the other hand, I will share the beauty of this getaway. It’s always nice to wake up with the sound of the surf breaking against the tidal rocks. I didn’t investigate any tide pools. Maybe next time. Robin thought she saw a starfish on one rock way in the distance. The tenacity of life is amazing!

Rocks and Waves

Now here’s a chance for you to hear my impromptu review of the … oops! … almost said it! You can hear me review the place on this following video, plus I treat you to my non-professional singing voice. That’s the one most of you hear. Only a few of my closets friends and relatives have heard my professional singing voice. You know who you are.

Why must everything be marred by the unpleasant people who have no class? Robin was using a lounge chair at the very end, so that nobody could sit on her left side, and she had a table set up between the second and third chair; thereby, discouraging anybody to sit beside her. She got up to get a cup of coffee. In that brief period of time (30 seconds) so virago stole her spot by tossing a grubby sweatshirt material hoody on her chair. Once this harridan had gathered a pile of starchy, cold, over-warmed “Continental Breakfast,” she ran back to the chair and planted her broad, well-worn ass on Robin’s lawfully taken (first come, first serve) lounge chair. Robin went back because she was concerned that her vitamin had fallen out of her pocket. Robin tried looking about the chair discreetly, but she was forced to enquire of the woman if she’d seen aforementioned vitamin. “This chair was empty when I got here. I didn’t see anything. Clever bitch. She probably took Robin’s dirt contaminated vitamin and washed it down with coffee, as a sort of complete dominance thing, or she just threw it into the ocean. It’s two feet away as you can see.

Chair Thief!

Here’s another picture that I’d taken of the view, it was perfect except for one thing. See for yourself.

Gorgeous vista, except

Now for something really different!

The Queen of Curse Words is back and she’s in full force.

But don’t ask the Hollywood Police at the Wilcox station to do a darn thing about it because they have more important things to do like enjoy the cavalcade of hot chicks on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams by the Hollywood and Highland mall. I’ve got puh-lenty footage and photographs of them hanging out with their free lattes and chocolate chip scones from Starbucks. It’s hard to believe that they are in shape. Talk about Big Butts! As for Tammy, the tenacity of life is amazing.