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The Artists’ Wall

There is a wall on a building on Highland Ave and someone or somebodies put up art. It changes all the time as the owners of the building tear it down, paint over it and otherwise destroy it. I like to photograph it while there’s time. Here are a couple of examples. I hope you love them as much as I do. If you know where the PowerHouse bar is, then you know what I’m talking about. There’s a terrible Chinese restaurant there too. MSG WARNING! See? Lots of little useful tidbits here on the Hollyblog! See!

© Russell Smith, 2011

© Russell Smith



Hollywood’s Funniest/Scariest Videos

Here’s our first entry, put it under funny


The reason this video is so important is that it brings up the issue of the characters and street performers on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. They work so hard, usually under a bright, hot sun. They take their roles seriously and usually just laugh it off when people rip them off. Rip them off? Yes! Tourists will snap their pictures and then scurry off without leaving the role-player a tip. That is egregious. These people have enough money to take a vacation. They should have enough dough to toss a buck at these men and woman. Sometimes I’ve even seen tourists pose and take snapshots of a street character, and then scurry off saying, “No English! No English!” Well, money is the universal language. Just rubbing your thumb against your fingertips indicates that money is in the equation of their interactions. Reason #1 for hating tourists – They rip-off street characters and street performers.

Here’s our second entry, file it under scary

I’ve made it one of my little causes to publish this video far and wide. The faces of the individuals involved are clear and that’s the whole point. Those two bullies should be locked up for a year or two for what they did. See for yourself. Reason #2 for hating tourists- They never know where they’re going. BUT that doesn’t give you the right to rough them up! The saddest part is that the old woman got out of the car thinking she was going to get directions from those two brutes. What a world. What a world.

106 and Park (on BET)

That’s right! Yesterday your intrepid videographer and reporter stumbled upon the filming of a show called 106 and Park. It was a celebration of 10 years on the air. Who knew? And I was participating in a big affair being held simultaneously in NYC and Charlotte as well as Los Angeles. Wow! I should have filmed longer, but I didn’t know where I was at. I asked security guards, police, audience members, “What’s the name of the band playing?” Finally, an extremely good looking Black couple came to my assistance. God, they were good looking. They MUST have been models. I felt like a slug in their presence and became quite tongue-tied. They told me the name of the show, but it just wasn’t registering and I’m not really sure, but I think it’s like American Bandstand or Soul Train. According to Wikipedia

106 & Park is an American music video show, set up in a countdown format, that airs weekdays 6 p.m. on BET and weekdays 7 p.m. on BET UK. Since its inception, it has been the network’s number one rated show.

Hollywood is about filming

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!

You’ve been given full warning!

Security is tight!

Just how many NCIS’s are there?

And then one more video, if you please.

Then Bob’s your uncle!

Or Rarely Treats Anyone Fairly

While it may seem cruel not to give out the name of this weekend retreat, tough toenails. Life isn’t always fair. In fact, it rarely treats me fairly. So in that happy spirit let me share with you our weekend getaway. I won’t tell you how long it takes to get there, because that would help anyone with Google map find the joint in about five minutes. On the other hand, I will share the beauty of this getaway. It’s always nice to wake up with the sound of the surf breaking against the tidal rocks. I didn’t investigate any tide pools. Maybe next time. Robin thought she saw a starfish on one rock way in the distance. The tenacity of life is amazing!

Rocks and Waves

Now here’s a chance for you to hear my impromptu review of the … oops! … almost said it! You can hear me review the place on this following video, plus I treat you to my non-professional singing voice. That’s the one most of you hear. Only a few of my closets friends and relatives have heard my professional singing voice. You know who you are.

Why must everything be marred by the unpleasant people who have no class? Robin was using a lounge chair at the very end, so that nobody could sit on her left side, and she had a table set up between the second and third chair; thereby, discouraging anybody to sit beside her. She got up to get a cup of coffee. In that brief period of time (30 seconds) so virago stole her spot by tossing a grubby sweatshirt material hoody on her chair. Once this harridan had gathered a pile of starchy, cold, over-warmed “Continental Breakfast,” she ran back to the chair and planted her broad, well-worn ass on Robin’s lawfully taken (first come, first serve) lounge chair. Robin went back because she was concerned that her vitamin had fallen out of her pocket. Robin tried looking about the chair discreetly, but she was forced to enquire of the woman if she’d seen aforementioned vitamin. “This chair was empty when I got here. I didn’t see anything. Clever bitch. She probably took Robin’s dirt contaminated vitamin and washed it down with coffee, as a sort of complete dominance thing, or she just threw it into the ocean. It’s two feet away as you can see.

Chair Thief!

Here’s another picture that I’d taken of the view, it was perfect except for one thing. See for yourself.

Gorgeous vista, except

Now for something really different!

The Queen of Curse Words is back and she’s in full force.

But don’t ask the Hollywood Police at the Wilcox station to do a darn thing about it because they have more important things to do like enjoy the cavalcade of hot chicks on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams by the Hollywood and Highland mall. I’ve got puh-lenty footage and photographs of them hanging out with their free lattes and chocolate chip scones from Starbucks. It’s hard to believe that they are in shape. Talk about Big Butts! As for Tammy, the tenacity of life is amazing.

Michael Jackson, One Year Later, Still Dead

Jackson in 1997

Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, lorazepam and midazolam. If you read his bio in Wikipedia, you’d think some men in black strapped him down and “administered” the drugs to him against his will. Wrong! He actually injected himself with the propofol, and popped those other two in pill form the way some of us eat M&M’s. I took a couple of videos of the memorial at his star on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. What a hoot!


On a more basic level, I can’t help but posit the question, “How can anyone, besides immediate family, grieve over the death of this man?” He was a monster. Just because he was cleared of charges of molestation, that still doesn’t take into account that he had to pay hush money to his first accuser. One can’t help but wonder how many other accusers there were in his closet? How much of his fortune was devoted to keeping the wolves at bay? Let’s pause for another brief video.

Let’s leave this sad story on a brighter note. Remember the time he appeared in court in his pajamas’ with his nose falling off? That picture has been splayed all over the Internet until it’s yesterday’s news ten times over. Here’s another one where you can see the spots where he glued the fake nose on. Much creepier than the other one because you can see how dead he is inside by looking at his eyes.

Happy Anniversary! The world was never meant for one as creepy as you!

Blogger me this!

You never know what you might run across in Hollywood. I think this Rhino is amazing!

From Hollyblog II

Such a pretty water fountain. I wish I could enjoy it in privacy!